Wait, Watch, Observe Carefully

Jenny Salizar has a maxim about the veterinary treatment of her pets that was born of a friend of the family who was in practice as a veterinarian.  In unguarded moments sitting around her family’s backyard barbecue, the friend would explain that the key to his veterinarian practice’s huge volume, and, thus, in his eyes, his success, was that, if a client called in about a problem that their pet was having, he encouraged them to come right in to see him.  His candid explanation was that 80 percent of the time, if the client waited to bring their animal in, the animal got better on its own.  Thus, the need to get it in right away so that he could treat the animal and make his practice profitable.  Thus, Jenny’s maxim. from that early learning experience of hearing her parent’s friend talk, is that when any of her pets seem to be having problems, she uses the approach of: “Wait, Watch, and Observe Carefully”  or, WWOC.   Through the years, this practice has stood Jenny and her family in good stead, and has prevented many unneeded trips to the vet, as her animals, did, indeed, tend to get better – and the problem passed.  Jenny does acknowledge, however, that there have been a few times when quick emergency treatment was necessary – such as when her Pointer raced across a sprinkler riser and snagged her side on a shard, necessitating stitches.  At these times, Jenny has no hesitation to seek the required treatment.  But, employing the WWOC practice has not only saved her a great deal of money over the years, it has also allowed her animals to thrive without the necessity of drugs or other unnecessary treatments.

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