When you are told to give a particular drug or chemical.

When you are told to give a particular drug or chemical, make sure you research it on your own before purchasing it unless it is a life or death situation. You will find that when you do a search the top listing will be pro-drug or pro-chemical promoted by the manufactures of both. All you have to do is add toxic effects to your search and you find out the full disclosure on the them.  The most important part of being an animal caregiver is to always do your best to prevent suffering and do no harm in the process. A quote to live by is, “The person who says it cannot be done should NEVER interrupt the person doing it”. So if a health professional tells you something doesn’t work, ask the hard questions. How much training, studying or experience does the individual have in the modality he or she is saying doesn’t work? When searching for veterinarians who are trained in more than drugs, chemicals and vaccines, you can start your search at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association at www.ahvma.org to find the help you are looking for.

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