The key to HEALTH is prevention.

The key to HEALTH is prevention. Prevention means you do your best to make sure you are not exposing your animal friend to potential toxic substances knowing or not knowing. Herbicides, pesticides, drugs, chemicals, poor grade food, contaminated water and vaccines are common sources of TOXIC WASTE aka side effects. When you take your pet for a walk keep in mind that many home owners and city municipalities use herbicides like Roundup on their property. We recommend that if you are in an area where this could be the case, wash their feet off with soap and water once you return home to make sure they do not absorb it into their body by licking it off or absorbing it through their skin. If start rolling around on the ground trying to rub something off and or start itch all over suddenly without stopping, always bathe the animal immediately to clean off the potential toxin.  What you feed your animal friends is a key part to their longevity and HEALTH.  Due to the many contaminates in most water supplies, it is best to have a water purification system on the water you giving your animal friends. Carbon based filters are a good starting place and or whole house filtering systems.

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